About us

We have been running since 30th April 2013 formally becoming a charity in 2016 (Charity No 1166696). Anyone who finds themselves in need of food can attend one of our distribution points during the specified opening hours. Agencies who work directly with people in need including Children’s Centres, support agencies, schools, associations supporting disabled people, Community Centres and NHS Health Trainers may also send people to us.

After registering, we provide them and those in their household with a minimum of three days emergency food.

Thanet Food Link is proud to have served the local community for over 10 years. See news update here.

Non-perishable foodstuffs are donated by organisations such as churches, schools, rotary groups, local businesses such as supermarkets, and members of the public. Food is collected or delivered to our warehouse for sorting. Warehouse volunteers select and pack the food into parcels and then deliver them to our distribution centres at St. Paul’s Church Cliftonville and St Peters Baptist Church, St Peters.

After registration food is issued at the Distribution Centres where clients will also often find support from volunteers who can signpost them to organisations who can help with other issues.

For more information contact Judy Gration Tel: 07907074877


Margate Distribution Centre:

St Pauls Church, 93 Northdown Road, Cliftonville, Margate CT9 2RD

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 10.30am to 12 noon

St Peters Broadstairs:

St Peters Baptist Church, Vicarage Street, St Peters CT10 2SG

Friday: 10.30am to 12 noon